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Thanks for your reply john

My software is Web based,
it is HR management, Payroll, Employee Self Service, Managers Portal, HR Administartors Portal, Leave management, Attendance management, Document management, Task management, Ocuupational health and safety management, Recruiting management, Project management, Equipments managements, Talent management, Evaluations management, Employee requests management, and more.

it is for mid and larage size businesses

my software is very dynamic that you can change the payroll as you want depend on your need and your country and any other factors you have.

Payroll integrates with any other module.

there are many other feautures like very dynamic security system and more and more.

john.sheppard, post: 20770 wrote:
Is it web based or desktop based software?
Is it just human resources or does it border on other processes?
Is it for small business or large business?
Who are your competitors?

Selling software is HARD. It many software markets it rarely matters if your product is better, there is always an incumbant. If you’re not there in the growth phase, your marketing cost to entry is massive.

I’m not a sales person so don’t listen to me though as I am only an observer…Just asking questions really, so maybe someone else might be able to help :)