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Oh and by the way, Hello and welcome to the forum :) Sorry, I dove straight in there without saying anything.

As your market is for mid to large size I think your best bet is finding consultants already in that space and getting them to push your product. I think to encourage them to do so you will have to give them a fairly large portion of the pie.

The difficulty I’d imagine you will face is that ALL business that size already have software in place and it’s a very large expense for them to change. It’s not just the cost of the software its the staff training (that actually costs more than the software). Nobody likes change. So what you will have to do is;
a) Buy the corporate bigwigs lots of beer!
b) Pay your sales person to get drunk too.

:) Sorry just joking…but there is some truth to that.

In truth I think your best bet is finding consultants in that space who are already involved with existing systems and offer them a better deal.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in making your software the best, but in the real world thats not always what counts. (It would be nice if it did tho!)

Hope that helps!