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Not so much distributors, but consultants who act as the distributors.

Look up your direct competitor’s products, ring/email them and you will usually find that they are sold by consultants who are not directly related to the software development company.

The kind of software you are selling wouldn’t be sold off the shelf it needs to be installed and integrated with existing software. That’s why consultants are involved, they need to know all the related softwares and advise accordingly.

For instance, people might type HR software into Google and having a good informative website will help but you wont be able to sell direct that way. The goal of your website would be to get them to call a consultant who sells many products.

If your market was small business you could sell that way, but not large.

Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. They don’t know anything about computers/software, they just want something to magically do stuff. They also have a whole bunch of applications they want it integrated with also.

First thing they do is type into Google. “HR software”. They rapidly find its too complex and their head starts to hurt. They then proceed to ask around their buddies. Usually their buddy knows a buddy who has a buddy who is a SAP consultant or what not. (Another thouhgt: They probably already have a consultant they use)

Just pretend you are a customer and do what they do and that will lead you to how to sell your product.

Also say, SAP guy, he’s already getting $150,000 and has invested 10 years of his life learning it at 60 hours per week. You’ll have to ask yourself, how are you gonna get him to sell your product instead?

Also just bare in mind these are just my observations from the low end of the spectrum I’ve always been involved in small business and I’ve not had much experience with large end sales so I *could* be way off the mark.