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Mr Q
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You can register it all yourself online at


However, it is a good idea to see a solicitor and tell what your intentions are for the business. However, solicitors are expensive so put the vibe out there to all your friends and network and see if you can maybe take one down shout them lunch and ask them lots of questions!! hehe

They will give the advantages and disadvantages of all the different ways you can register a business.

As far as I’m aware, the biggest advantages for registering a business as a company pty ltd are;
1: Tax – you can claim a lot more expenses as a company &
2: As a pty ltd you are not personally liable if the business fails or goes bankrupt. In other words the Debt Boys can not take your house and personal assests if you are registered as a pty ltd

:) However, I’m not a solicitor. So please take this advice lightly :)