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The cost really depends on what structure your business.

As a guide a meeting with an accountant to discuss your business needs and provide advice and attend to all required registrations with tax office, business name you are looking at around $600

With regards to insurance you would need to speak to a broker but as a guide around $1500 but you may be able to pay by the month

if you need assistance I can supply you with a phone and contact for a broker located at Coffs Harbour but would be able to communte with them phone/email

with business cards have you tried Aussie logos they will design a logo and stationery and print you 1000 biz cards for less then $400 and that includes 10 logo designs for you to approve.

in your industry car advertising is best and make up signs to put on your projects

Also add your biz to true local on line it’s free

Also introduce yourself to other related biz that could lead to refferals.

Hope this hepls