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It must be the way in which I have phrased my question and response I guess.

In my reply to Chris’ reply, my reference to the GFC was meaning, did he visit the ANZ before the GFC, if that is the case, the ANZ may now do things differently post GFC, that is what I was trying to ascertain.

And the other thing is, I’m not applying for a business credit card, I’m after a personal credit card, one that is not tied to my business, the problem is I am unable to get one via my credit union as I have only been self employed for 6 months.

I live in a rural area and it’s funny because your buisness doesn’t fail, it’s the venture you’re trying at the time that fails. Because employment opportunities are scarce, you just keep going, you try another venture until something sticks. Currently I am obtaining income from more than a single stream of work, all of which have been initiated and created by me and are diverse in origin and operation.

Maybe I should be looking for a venture capitalist?

Thanks for any help.