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siringo, post: 20895 wrote:
I’ve just started up my own business and part of what I do involves supplying parts to clients. I’ve decided to use my credit card for buying these parts for my clients when needed as the suppliers I use only provide 30 day accounts if you spend upwards of $10,000 per month with them.

So the plan is to use my existing card as a business only card and get another card for personal purchases.

I rang the Credit Union I’ve been with for at least 25 years to get one of their credit cards and was told that since I’m self employed and have only been for 6 months, I will not qualify as I have an insufficient (self) employment history. They also said I will have trouble getting a credit card anywhere for that reason.

The credit union said they wont provide credit cards without a 2 year employment history. I find this hard to believe.

Can anyone suggest any possible banks etc that I may have more luck with? My credit union suggested the ANZ.


Hi Siringo,

As well intentioned as all of these replies to your question have been none of them actually help solve your problem.

Being refused a credit card may well yet prove to be a blessing in disguise as it gives you the opportunity to closely manage your cashflow.

I have templates in excel that are ready to use for small business cashflow and I am happy to discuss with you over the phone your business and how your cashflow issues might be resloved.

Please feel free to visit my website http://www.goughmorgan.com.au to contact me.

Kind Regards,