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The biggest problem I see here is that you’re assuming that businesses want to advertise on TV, rather than developing a Unique Value Proposition. I see this often – people whose marketing plans are “People will buy from me because it’s the cheapest way to get X”.


But why do I want X?

Especially with the economic climate, businesses are focusing on marketing that gives them ROI.

I would say that pretty much all small businesses would be better off spending their money on mentoring or copywriting rather than 4 seconds of ad time in prime time TV.

The only kind of advertising that is worth anything is direct response – and TV is the WORST for this. TV advertising is what people with multi-million dollar marketing budgets do to “get their name out there”.

Small businesses don’t need to “get their name out there” – they need to make sales.

I have a lot of small business clients and I can only think of one who would get any value out of advertising (because she’s in the fast food market) – but the strategy I would recommend for her would be to put together her own 30 sec ads and start getting them into less-prime time slots.

A few seconds in prime time sharing the screen with a bunch of other people is a waste of time and money.

What’s it supposed to achieve?

I barely watch ads as it is – why am I going to take notice of one ad out of 5 or 6 on a screen? Why am I going to go to your website to get in contact with them?

Far too convoluted.

Small businesses would be better off investing the money in Adwords (which I’m not the hugest fan of) – or better, in low/ no cost marketing campaigns.

As is, it’s hard to make / measure ROI from TV.

And it’s difficult enough competing with a bunch of other ads during the commercial break – but on the same screen at the same time?

I don’t see this being viable.

$110 for something that doesn’t work is not cheap.