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With any service business your going to have to learn how to manage these types of issues.

I also am not interested in contracts and terms and would rather have a simple negotiation in a meeting before starting the work and then following up with an email or quote outlining what is going to be done and for how much.

I think it’s important that in the initial stages of negotiating the work that you make it clear what the differences are in the packages you have and why you pay more for one over another. Make it clear which option they have chosen so they understand it.

I also in most cases ask for an upfront deposit of 30% of the quote before starting work which I’ve never had a complaint about. Then if the client wants more then I simply tell them “YES, I can do that but it’s going to cost you $x extra and take an extra x number of days. Do you want still want it?” and then send them an updated quote with the additional work added in.

Also, I don’t have an issue losing a client if I think they are too demanding compared to my other clients. I don’t see them as bad clients but rather clients that don’t fit my client profile and would be better served working with another company.