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I need some advice. I have taken on too much work for the next month or so and was thinking of getting a freelancer to help me. Am looking for recommendations for a site where I can find a freelancer to help with re-writes.

I value this client so I want some one good and I don’t have time to stuff around at the moment. I have looked at a couple of sites like freelanceswich but they don’t seem to be used much for writing.

Also I don’t want to stuff around reviewing heaps of applications when I could just pull a couple of long days.

Cheers Lu

Hi Lu,

I just saw that you need some freelance help.
There’s a new platform which mediates Freelancer, its called Freelance-Market:

Freelance-Market.com.au currently offers about 185 service providers in 20 different categories for a low hourly rate.

There are 20 different Freelancer in the category “Writing”.
Each Freelancer has its “Main Focus”, so it’s easy to find a matching Freelancer.

Freelance-Market is the first price transparent internet marketplace for freelance services of all kinds which was started in April 2004. On http://www.freelance-market.com.au companies or individuals can choose freelancer out of 20 categories quickly and free of charge. The 185 registered freelancer empirically offer their services about 30% below market price.