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Angelam, post: 23894 wrote:
Hi Mick,
My husband and I look at property on and off.
One thing that would useful is that when you save a property that you like you receive a reminder via email as the auction date gets closer or a reminder that the property is about to be removed from the site if it has not been sold.
Also being able to search by auction or set price would be great. We generally don’t attend auctions and prefer set price sales.
Looking forward to seeing the site up and running.

Hi Angelam, thanks for the comments. My wife and I search properties almost on a daily basis, I only wish I had more money to buy them. That’s a great idea re the email alert and we will try to have it included it in the email alert system. At this stage however we won’t be able to notify the viewer when the listing will be removed, as you can appreciate there are too many external forces involved.