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Confident Woman Australia
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MatthewKeath, post: 21860 wrote:
Just a reminder that when your are putting your social networking links on your profile links you don not need to put http:// Just start at the www.

Otherwise this spits a URL like this: [url]http://http//www.facebook.com/album.php?profile&id=1140201431[/url] which is just plain silly.

3 out of five links I clink on are like that, so please check yours.

P.S This is a great opportunity to ask everyone to always check your links, wherever you put them.



Great reminder thanks Matthew – people also get confused about what to put in emails – in emails the http:// IS needed, I get so many emails with just www that I can’t click through on.

I am going to check my links now! I use bit.ly so I may not give it enough attention. Tell me if you ever see mine being incorrect please!

Confident Woman Australia