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Hi Brad,

I run the site below that is giving your eyes such a hard time ( https://shortsandshirts.evolveshop.com.au/ ) . I’d like some feedback on what exactly you feel are the main issues with it so I can make attempts to improve. We’ve only opened 1st December and to be honest web development isn’t my strong point and this is an ongoing learning process for me. So Any constructive critisism would be great.



brad, post: 24277 wrote:

Went looking for example sites using Commbank’s Evolve iShop service and found this:


Now, no disrespect intended for the person who’s running that business but… mein eyes, they bleed!

A perfect example of why my Website, when I get to it (*bing bing bing* great example of a disadvantage to custom – harder/longer process than packaged and therefore sloooower to get done. Of course, I’m working full time as an IT contractor and new to the whole ‘run your own PTY LTD’ thing to boot, so maybe it’s just me), will be:

1. Professionally designed
2. Coded to a detailed spec, with guidance from a professional web dev shop.
3. Preferably using Open Source Software as a base, with COTS components as required.

Now if it takes me six months to get there, that’s six months I could have been selling with a packaged site. Ultimately though, it’s my image and reputation I’m risking not just my $, hence I’ll take the time+cost trade-off.