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Adam Randall
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Do you think Leyton Hewitt plays with a $20 tennis racquet from K-mart?
No I dont think so either, probably because he knows what benefits a $600 racquet provide over the $20 racquet.

While not many of us are at such an elite level at sport that we need the edge a tennis racquet of that quality can provide, we all want our business to be the best it can be.

My point here is that we don’t know what we don’t know.

I think in 5 or 10 years time, the instant web sites will be dialed in and as good as a real one. The tools even now are getting pretty good at compensating for lack of technical ability.

Recommending solutions such as word press is all well and good, but if its the only thing you have ever used or have never had a real web site for at least a couple of years, how can that be classed as a recommendation?

You current solution may be OK and you may not know enough to see its weaknesses, it does not mean it is a good solution.

What I have learnt in life so far is that the less you are prepared to pay for something, the less you actually know about it.

Knowledgable cyclists use mid to high end bikes
Knowledgable business people use mid to high end business tools
Knowledgable stylists use mid to high end scissors
Knowledgable tradesmen use mid to high end power tools

See the pattern here?

when you dont know anything about a given subject, the only thing left to relate to is price which is often why people who are not knowledgable on a certain subject will gravitate to the cheapest price, its the only thing that can be reconciled.

Next time you think about getting the cheapest solution for something, think:

– Is it my lack of knowledge that makes me gravitate to the cheapest?