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SteveDavidson, post: 23771 wrote:
Hi, Owen. What’s your favorite flavour of construction? Bridges, skyscrapers, railways, new housing development…?

Hi, thanks for the post.

I have a lot of experience in Tunnelling and earth moving projects, with their fair share of concrete structure and bridgeworks and in some cases rail & road works. Although I have experience in these areas, in a business sense for a small company I believe starting out with earth moving projects would be more suitable given the low labour requirements and abundant ability to hire owner/operators of plant to carry out the works. Again this is only an opinion and one that is probably not backed with much knowledge, so I soon may be made to believe otherwise 

Still going through the business plan and also gathering a bit of interest from past colleagues. They too are experienced engineers so the business plan I am quickly realising is the pinnacle aspect of starting up. So all my focus is currently on the plan.

Thanks for the welcome Emroy.