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Steve_Minshall, post: 24215 wrote:
Hi Barb,

If I can give you some feedback, which others may feel free to disagree with. I am your target market in as much as your services could well be of use to me. However, I would not use you simply because you are in Victoria and I am in Sydney and for the services you offer I would like to meet you at least initially. However this should not bother you because there are thousands of people just like me in Victoria. Therefore I would suggest you focus more locally.

Your website gives the impression that you are a small business, possibly home operated, possibly just one person. This is fine and I much prefer this than a home office pretending to be a global corporate. I would be attracted to your business if you were around the corner but from your web site I do not know where you are and I am probably not going to bother to find out.

In a round about way I am trying to suggest you use your web site to target your immediate vicinity. Fish in a pond not in the open ocean. My business is in Sydney and after 5 years my web presence is excellent for people looking for the sort of products I sell in Sydney. I get a few calls from the other states but I don’t put effort or dollars into targeting them. One day I may repeat the exercise with stores in other states but at the moment my pond is Sydney. This means I do things like have page titles such as “roof racks in sydney” rather than say “roof racks for cars”. The second may generate more traffic in total but my target market is in Sydney.

In your case I would focus on something like “admin services in Melbourne” (or your closest significant commercial area). Get possesive about your home turf, get your home turf into your web site in the content itself. If you haven’t done already try some PPC advertising, no clicks = no cost. But put your location in the ad. I am sure there is more than enough business available to you within driving distance of your office so go and target that.

Now a blog would work well for you and it is dead easy and costs nothing. I suspect the web developers will disagree and suggest a proper intigrated blog on your website but I just have a link from my site to a free google blog
account. It works well. I treat blogging as a quick and dirty way of getting content on to the web. Because it is not part of my formal website it can be informal, it can be casual but it shows people ‘hay this what we do and we care enough to have a chat about it’. My blog has a little picture of me on it so customers who see it can start developing a personal relationship with me as a person rather than being sold to by a corporation. I think this would work well for you. I think your website currently aims for corporate professionalism at the expense of the personal touch which I think is the real key to cracking your local market open.

I hope this helps.

Thanks Steve for taking the time to reply and checking out my website, I really appreciate it!!

I totally agree with you about keeping it personal and my target market is local small – medium businesses (although I certainly wouldn’t refuse work from other states etc). I like the idea of being able to meet face-to-face with my clients if the need arises – maybe a little old fashioned, but I still think there are a lot of people out there who prefer this.

I would like to put a photo of myself on my site as well, so then people know who they’re dealing with, just need to get an appropriate picture!!

Stay tuned for my blog :o)