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seb, post: 24268 wrote:
If I want a plumber, or roof racks, I’ll google it – so Steve’s focus is spot on. And to be perfectly honest, I’d rather buy a product or service from someone who has a couple of blog entries (‘free advice’) up there too as for some unknown reason, I want to trust them!

I am currently re-reading “Influence by Robert Cialdini” one of the most important books I have ever read which is why I am re-reading it a year later.

He suggests that people have an innate need to reciprocate. This is rooted deep in evolution from when a hunter would share his food with someone else because he was confident the gift would be reciprocated in the future. Therefore if people recieve a gift “free advice” they feel impelled in someway to return that gift. The reason you ‘trust’ them is because you feel indebted to them in some small way. In my shop because of the nature of the business most sales are between $200 and $1000. So if someone comes in for some spare parts like nuts and bolts and things which have a value to me of less than $10 or they want us to check their roof rack is fitted ok or they want some advice on something they bought somewhere else. We never charge. But where are they going to go for the next major car accessory purchase? they are programmed to at least consider us.

Blogs give you both authority in your field and when you give people the info they are looking for they are little gifts.

Appologies to the OP I think I may have hijacked your thread and gone off on a bit of a tangent there, but I think it was worth sharing.