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Nice site – well done.

Very crisp and clean, and simple to follow.

A couple of small suggestions:
1. on each training course page you have “Free to watch!” in the intro sections, but then the ones below are obviously part of the paid subscription but there is no link to “become a member to watch” or “included in subscription, signup here” links in that column. These would allow someone to see a topic they are interested in, and signup straight away.

2. On the signup page, I found it confusing to work out the cost. It starts by showing Cost=$0, so it seemed free. I suggest you have that section default to the 1-year subscription for one person, and show the charge that way.

Also, in terms of the business model, as a subscription you want to blow them away with value, so you really need lots more courses available in their subscription. Are you able to license courses from somewhere else?

Hope that is useful.