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Steve_Minshall, post: 23646 wrote:
Hi search engine experts,

I have run YP Online advertising for some years and not given it much thought because it was relatively cheap and a small part of my advertising budget. It has quietly flown under my radar while I have focused on my big hitters like PPC, SEO and YP Book (not anymore on the last one).

However, they have gradually sneaked the price up and I have just realised what was a fairly insignificant fee has quietly grown into nearly $5k a year. Now from a ROI point of view this is a no brainer. In my business I would expect this sort of expenditure to generate around $35-$40k in sales a year and it is not doing anywhere near this. There are any number of ways I believe this money could be better spent. As soon as I realised this I wanted to pick up the phone and cancel it today, straight away.

However, rattling around in the back of my mind there is something about sensis and YP-online with their, ‘where-is’, “citysearch” and whatever other pies they have fingers in, feeding into the google business search listings. Those little maps that appear when you do a location based search. I do quite well in these for my 2 main products +Sydney. Now this exposure is worth lots and I don’t want to risk affecting this.

I might have dreamed this up in my sleep, I may have heard it from someone in the know or someone talking bollox. I really can’t recall but it is just a concern I have picked up from somewhere. I guess no-one really knows what goes on in google’s constantly changing black box of algorithums but can anyone give me any guidance if they think my concerns have merit or am I just talking crap.

Thanks in advance


I wouldn’t call myself a world class expert, but I am pretty sure I know the following:

Each business is unique and therefore the strategy to generating leads is unique.

There are many factors into your ROI with regards to the marketing methods you use and simply fine tuning them the right way, could produce significantly better results.

I would agree that SEO/PPC has big advantages, but the point I would make is you may already be maxing out your audience and spending more money might not necessarily produce greater results.

Not sure if you are aware though Youtube jumped right up on Searches in Dec 2009, I believe it was actually more searches that what Google had. Video online is a major influence right now and in your discussions I see no where this is mentioned.

I would like to summarise by saying a few short lines here doesn’t do your business justice, simply because it is unique and needs a unique marketing strategy. I would stick to what has been working, even if the ROI is not as good as I would hope for. If you cancel it and lose that business and are unable to replace that business, you will have made a large mistake.

Lastly, do you KNOW exactly who you online demographics are and exactly who your offline demographics are? Knowing this is a great step forward knowing your direction forward.