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Elizabeth Richardson
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I wish I had known that it’s better to set BIG goals rather than SMALL ones. They take the same amount of effort – you just expand your vision of what’s possible when you pick the big ones – and it’s also much more fulfilling when you achieve them.

I wish I had taken notice earlier of the mentors that advised to open different bank accounts for different purposes – for investment, spending, business and personal – it makes you discipline yourself to spend and invest as well as just make enough to pay your bills. Great results from using this strategy.

I wish I had known that the reason I keep changing businesses every two years or so is because I was wanting to create VARIETY in my life … now that I realize why I did that (I’m doing a training course with Anthony Robbins in Strategic Intervention and this came to light through Human Needs Psychology aspect of the training) I can choose other more healthy ways to get VARIETY instead.

But I don’t regret all the changes I’ve made – it’s given me an enormous amount of skills in a wide range of areas that I wouldn’t have got otherwise.

I wish I had known the value of setting high standards and NOT discounting products and services. I’ve gotten rid of all the users and late-payers and only have the clients who appreciate and respect the work I do. They give me more than enough business and the referrals are phenomenal. If the first question someone asks when they first make contact with me is “How much is this gonna cost?” I finish the conversation immediately and tell them I’m not the right person for them. Saves time and hassle down the track.

I wish I had known that how important it is to have faith that the RIGHT work will present itself when I am ready for it. When I stopped chasing a certain type of work, I found that better jobs, from larger organizations that paid very well (even the government), started to roll in.

I wish I had taken more time and care when writing a vision statement, mission statement and values I intend to live by as well as my goals. Getting the foundation right in the first place makes making decisions further down the track, a breeze. If an opportunity presents itself that isn’t in line with your foundation, saying no is empowering and opens the space to move you towards your dreams so much faster.

I could probably write even more – I’ve really enjoyed the exercise. It makes me appreciate how far I’ve come – thanks Melinda