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NeuroWebDesign, post: 24485 wrote:
Wow, I’d never have thought of that one!

I should probably stop using this space to critique people sites… I just hope the creator of your site explained the implications of having a 100% Flash site. (It’s terribly hard for search engines to find).

Also the fact that you have to wait twice for pages to load before I get to load the actual site could be off putting for your visitors.

Good luck with your business venture. Definitely go for real estate agencies.


Hi Brad.

Yeah we knew the implications of a flash site. Bad SEO, Bad for Mobile Phone Web-users, bad for anyone with a slow speed.

The way we looked at was –

a) its probably not the way we will “get” business so to speak. Its a very local type of business and because of the concept, we have to get out there and actively market locally (offline)

b) Australia is getting a broadband upgrade apparently – so the speed of loading will get better as time goes on.

c)Only a matter of time until mobile phones all support flash sites, flash videos etc.

Our franchisees will more than likely be in the landscaping industry and will have their own sites. Just another service they can add to their own websites.

Do appreciate your feedback though. And definitely pros and cons to a flash site. Overall, we are happy with the result.