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Hello Heather

Lots of good advice already.

Promotional clothing plays a great role in building teamwork and a professional image … and offering a very cost effective way to displaying your brand.

The purpose is the key to selection … e.g. a different apparel item may be appropriate for a promotional event ..another for a staff uniform. A polo may suit or a formal shirt.

If you are considering clothing as an everyday wear uniform, the material must be ‘user friendly’ i.e. able to breath and have durability properties, stain and wrinkle resistant etc. Technology has come along way, and there are some good options regarding available fabrics.

A promotional product company that offers apparel ranges can guide you and discuss polos, shirts etc that will meet your needs as well as ways to feature your logo (Thrive Promotional is one such company).

Hope this helps. If I can offer additional assistance please make contact.