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Hi Karen

We do marketing, branding and design for start ups and small business, feel free to check out our website http://www.northridgecreations.com.au.

If you are looking for a larger scale branding exercise, then I can recommend http://www.inkredibleart.com.au/ – they are fantastic.

Also, regarding a business coach – there are two types out there (i find). The first type often have a financial background and talk “stats” with your business. The second type have a psychology background and talk communication, goals and strategy. Which type were you after?

We also provide Marketing Mentoring/Coaching if you are interested or feel free to visit our blog for free information on running your business along with information on our marketing workshops http://www.mybusinesshelp.com.au.

All the best
Amanda :)

Karen Wardle, post: 23808 wrote:
Hi everyone

Can anyone recommend a ‘branding’ expert. Or even provide me with a link to someone’s site, I’d be grateful.

I would prefer to check out someones website first and have a look at their philosophy and approach before contacting them.

Also can anyone recommend a good business coach. I won’t be looking at this for a few months. But I would like someone that walks the walk if you know what I mean. I am not interested in ‘talkers’. I want results and I want to be able to capitalise on what has already been achieved.

Thanks for your help.