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Not quite coaching/branding etc., but since you are on the Central Coast NSW you might like to look at Belinda Jackson at Web Chameleon up your way. She is running a workshop 23rd Feb more into online marketing. Have a look at http://webchameleon.com.au/online-marketing-workshop/

Yes I know maybe not quite what you are looking for here, but knowing your situation I think you would find this useful. I would recommend a chat with Belinda. I did and I will be at her workshop!

I am also presently looking at the whole question of branding and image, but I am beginning to think that this is not the big issue. It seems to me more a case of being able to define yourself and what you do best, then to be able to project your unique identity in everything you do and say about yourself/what you do. It also seems to me if marketing is done properly then it should project your unique brand/image. Just my thoughts.