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jad, post: 24107 wrote:
This could be confusing for some – but if you let customers know what’s happening along the way you should be fine. You could place a timer on your redirect page for say 5 seconds while displaying relevant information there. So when a customer goes to your web address > the redirect page appears > tell them something like ‘Redirecting to our new homepage…Please wait…’ You can even place your logo here for reassurance. > Then they land at your new address.

I think as long as end users are aware of the process they won’t think ‘Hey – I didn’t want to go to that url!’ (well some might!)

If you need clarification on this just ask.



Thanks, that’s a great idea! I will talk to my web hosting company. I have also put a copy of my logo near the top of every page, so hopefully that will help as well.