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Hi Tony

Good questions. I have an article on letterbox drops which may help.

Also, I find that letterbox distribution places are affordable. Check out http://www.box2box.com.au as an example. You just have to check with these guys, how many other leaflets get put in with yours.

Also, try and be different in the flyers. Maybe have them the shape of a DVD or something? or have them rough to feel (as most people do soft/smooth) so people will take note.

If you are doing a short run, then you can just do them yourself on daily walks but make sure you keep track (print out a map from Google and highlight what you have done) and also do them right after the mailman has been so they are more likely to take it in with their mail.

All the best.


DVDcoach, post: 23832 wrote:
I am in the process of getting some flyers made up, and then I am going to try my luck at letterbox drops.

Is there a way to tap into cheap labour to help with this task? (Other than your family and friends.)

Students on holiday break?
Backpackers who want some income?
Posties – they aren’t super cheap though.
Professional letterbox droppers?
Grey army?

What has worked for you?

Kind regards,

Tony Morris
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