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I haven’t done it as yet as I have been working madly on adding content to the site. This is almost done now.

Marketing starts in earnest in the next few weeks!

I am tossing up between a targeted mailout vs a letter box drop – leaning toward mailout.

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My bias will of course be a targetted mailout, but it does depend on the product/service – If B2B without question the mailout would be more effective. You could still get results with a letterbox drop, but the response rate is significantly lower.

There was also a feature story I think last night on one of the ‘current affair’ type shows about ‘junk mail’ i.e. letterbox drops and how to avoid getting them. Think of the signs that say “Auspost Mail Only”

Also with B2B, whilst there may usually be a receptionist who collects the mail from PO Boxes, when there is a loose flyer, they will throw it, but a personally addresses letter will at least make it back to the office

If you need any assistance with the printing/mailout component, let me know as that is what I do – always happy to help FS members when i can.