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Hi James

You may want to consider adding these questions to http://www.surveymonkey.com (free survey software) and send the link for people to answer. You may get a better response rate.

Amanda :)

Eca IT, post: 23833 wrote:
I am considering starting an IT business (In VIC) that will specialise in providing my clients with custom built software designed to improve efficiency, accuracy and grant clearer business vision.

I would like to ask you questions related to custom software and one about generic IT services.

Your time and input is greatly appreciated.

1.Does your business use any custom made software or macros? ( YES | NO )

2.Are you aware of any processes in your business that could be improved with custom software or macros? ( YES | NO )

3.Are you aware of any companies that provide custom software or macro design services? ( YES | NO | IN-HOUSE )

4. What Industry is your business in?

5.Which of the following IT services does your business use or may acquire in the future?

□ Wired network expansions
□ Wireless network expansions
□ Wireless Hotspots, firewalls and other IT security
□ Conversion to open source operating systems and software.
□ Emergency IT support, data recovery, virus and spyware removal.
□ 3D character creation and animation
□ Conversion of technical drawings to 3D photo-realistic images and animations

6.How much would you expect to invest in a custom software solution that would save you an estimated 5 man hours per day, came with 2 years of support and included manuals? ( $1500 | $3000 | $4500 | $6000 )

Thank you for taking the time to do this survey.

Although I have not yet started trading, my planned start date is the first of February 2010.
Expressions of interest in any of the above services are greatly welcome and I am happy to discuss your needs before my start date.

Please feel free to contact eca_morcarn@ gmail.com if you have any questions.


Eca IT