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King, post: 23973 wrote:
I’m surprised sales warlord has not weighed into this….

Yes follow the problem/solution path. People are wanting to buy solutions. This might involve a free consultation based on “business efficiency improvement” or some similar hook.

Then as you get some client, leverage off them for leads for new clients.

Also look at networking opportunities (no not wired ones!!) where you can casually raise peoples issues, then say you can help with that and leave them with your card and walk away – followup in a few days….

yes we are aware that our business is business to business. And alot if not all of our future jobs will come from networking. Thanks again for the advice!

We have done a new survey! Review or reply (not like we are chasing for jobs here. We are wanting to stay local as this fits in with the lifestyle we want) We did look at survey monkey but decided to go with eSurveysPro.com (where its all free!)

New survey can be found here: