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Congratulations on Flying Solo! (Even if you still have a part time job, your technically still Flying Solo :P)

I would definitely recommend a website. I like to be sold on a product or service before I but it and if I see a add, I’m more than likely going to be going to their website before I make any phone calls. That may be why you’ve had such a low response rate from your add?

Also, cold calling is pretty freaky … But it’s a great way to introduce yourself to new potential customers. I remember it took me about 6 hours to make my first cold call (I kept coming up with excused of other things that I needed to do) and the first 2-3 I completely bungled! Then I just threw away the script, went from memory and tried to make it conversational, it went fantastically! I can normally get at least 3-4 new clients a week cold calling and I don’t spend much time doing it.

Anywho, best of luck! Keep us posted on how things progress!