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Where in Northern NSW?

I ask because I grew up in the Northern Rivers area. Which leads me to the only bit of advice I can offer:

Get a Website, even a basic one as long as it’s informative and useful. Try to get on the first page of Google results. I googled “Everyday Bookkeeping Solutions” and the only first page result you got was this thread!

One of the auto guys on here had some info about good methods to get Google exposure outside of keywork auctions (shop1auto.com.au actually – I couldn’t remember but I /did/ remember his claim that ‘sydney roofracks’ put him in the top 3 and so it was).

A /lot/ of people will go to Google rather than Yellow Pages. I’d hazard a guess that anyone under 40 will use the Internet to find a business (even if they have a specific business in mind and just want a ph# for it) rather than Yellow Pages. A good example of this? How many units can you count which have stacked Yellow Pages books outside the door.