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Hi Michael,

I use a wide range of apps, many which are free or very low cost. I am putting together a blog posting about this, but its not ready yet.

But the sooner people find out about and use Evernote, the sooner they will boost their productivity! It is a fantastic tool which grabs and organises your content for very easy searching later on. The best thing is that it syncs across a whole lot of mediums – your local computer, your iphone/blackberry and on the web.

I always tell people about this tool, but really struggle to explain why it is so fantastic, and this morning have found a video which explains it really well.


The best part is that just about most of what you may wish to do on it is available on the free version. I have upgraged because I’m a nerd, but even that is very very cheap.

Here is the website… http://www.evernote.com/

I think anyone NOT using it, is missing out on one of the best tools out there, and can’t possibly understand how good it is !


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