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Whats the different with Mark looking for some inspiration with his logo design, (Which apparently he should pay a logo designer to do), than to say anyone else on this forum who has questions about their business?

I mean if they want to ask an accountancy question, what right do they have to post it when accountants need to make money? They should just hire out an accountant.

Or why post an SEO question? Thats just plain rude! Why not hire an SEO expert like everyone else? I mean, they need money to survive!

I think the forums are here FOR this kind of advice!

Anyway, back to the topic at hand …

Mick I think you should focus on colour first, I’ve got a blog article with the basic meanings of each colour here. That may be a good start.

I like the idea posted by King for the clock and I also think it’s a good idea to incorporate a house in the design, even if domain has done that already. Just do it differently =)

Some good resources for font’s to use in your design are …

Sorry if I couldn’t be too much help, I don’t normally do logo designs myself. (I use a graphic designer :P)