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exstatic, post: 23941 wrote:
Welcome on Board Seb.

That is a very limited budget .. I would love to see how you plan on doing it!

What industry are you looking to start in?
Thanks! Very limited budget (it is a challenge after all!) The project is to build an online service to manage car tax expenses, which you update via sms or email. At the end of a business trip a customer would text in their odometer reading and a comment and the service would record it in their ‘log book’. A the end of the year they would be able to down load a tax statement.

$500 is very very tight which forces me to look at alternate ways of doing things (for example, the SMS gateway…) I’ve started the challenge today (doing research, how I found flyingsolo!) and will be posting pretty much everything on my blog at http://www.semi-blog.com