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Eli Sieradzki, post: 24446 wrote:
Hey Seb,
It’s cool that you’re documenting your process. I’ll be following because I’m interested about the SMS gateway component from a technical POV

Not sure about the business model though. Seems that the technology doesn’t add much value in this case – don’t you think that pencil and paper are just a lot easier?

Also I think it would be hard to convince people to pay a monthly fee. Maybe a one off payment of $30 would work better?

all the best,
Thanks for the feedback! I intend to go into a fair bit of detail on the technical aspects of the gateway on Saturday when I piece it together, so look out for posts there!

The big advantage in my view of using a technology based system is two fold – 1/ you’re less likely to forget to add a trip using your phone as you are less likely to lose your phone, and 2/ you don’t have to type up your 1000 trips at the end of the year!

I think you’re completely right with the monthly fee thing… I’m starting to head down the path of a six month or 12 month package.