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Thanks for the feedback everyone, greatly appreciated!

got the SMS gateway covered, I’ll be building my own embedded system using a microprocessor and GPRS module (the only ongoing cost is the $5 sim card registration!) – which takes up a chunk of the budget. Other major budget chunk is for the creditcard payment gateway, which I’ll try and get discounted when I go in today to the banks. (People get quite excited when I mention I’m on a challenge, I feel like I’m in BluesBrothers)

of course people who are very organised, frugal and disciplined enough to keep constant records in a pen/paper log book ($4.69 from office works) aren’t going to want to spend that each month for an electronic system. But, at the end of the year they have to enter in their 1,000 trips into a spreadsheet and calculate their BUP and deduction. I think after entering in the 900th line and finding a mistake back at entry 400 will be enough to convince many that an automated system is the way to go! I also did a quick calculation on a $40k car doing 20,000km a year – missing 1 in 10 trips could mean a losing out on $1000 in tax deductions. Armed with figures like that (saving time, saving money) I think I have a pretty strong marketing message.

@PaulBaker Privacy is of course a big concern for me. I’ve run a SMS service in the past and we complied with every ACMA and privacy act regulation. I intend to do the same with with AutoCarLog as I want to have an ethical and transparent business.

Thanks again for your feedback!