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QS Supplements, post: 24171 wrote:
What would you guys advise us to do? What sort of event can we host for free and how can we make sure people do actually come?
Is the flyer idea not good? Its just that we cant advertise in those gyms since they usually sell supplements themmselves.
Any ideas that would help our company get out there would be very appreciated
I’m assuming your product is supplements…
How about this idea for an ‘event’ .. it’s summer, go to one of the major beaches and have a couple of ‘well built’ promo models in board shorts behind some sort of stand.. could hire a humvee or something to attract attention if it fits in with your business look and feel, throw up a temp car wrap a couple of printed flags and give out a heap of product. Get local radio on the ball, saying you’re going to give out a couple of grand worth of product… best bet would be to piggy back off something that’s already happening to leverage their marketing. That should give you some inspiration… depends on your target market though, you’ll have to look at if the models alienate or inspire your market….