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Personally it looks great as far as typical e-com Zen Cart, OS Commerce style web sites go.

However for really getting the consumer interested, more white space and better emphasis on product range would help. Flash slide shows for product categories would be a great start….

Some of the better e-com sites allow or devote greater amounts of space to certain products and put the effort into copywriting and quality imagery.

Mobile phones for example could have a page devoted just to that category and so on with other key products.
If you treat your product range seriously then the customer is inclined to do likewise….
possibly think “brochure for every product category” and expand your site to be more unique rather than typical e-com. Unfortunately to do this you would have to re-think your entire approach to e-com presentation.

Just some quick thoughts…
PS the modern trend seems to be keeping the landing page for short copy and lots of links…other wise the consumer is immediately confused.
Take a look at some of the major international web sites ie.optus, Adobe and Micro soft and get a better over view of what millions of dollars of market research can acheive.