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Hey there,

That’s really exciting and interesting! A friend and I were looking into starting up a play center around 4 years ago when we first got back to Australia. It’s a tough one but here are some things to consider:

* Location – you will need somewhere big enough for what you want to do BUT also a place where there are LOADS of car spots. This can be a real issue with parents. We looked into purchasing a commercial buidling/warehouse as a major investment
* Insurance – this was one of the biggest hurdles. Very expensive and you need to get your head around this one.
* Equipment you’re after – This can be quite expensive but it depends on what you’re after.
* Cafe – again there are food and health issues, training, food standards etc
* Hours of work – it’s something to consider as this ended up being our deal breaker. We worked out that we would have to be there 7 days a week, childcare etc. Got a bit expensive with return and also it defeated the whole reason of us wanting to start a business.

I hope this gives you somewhere to start. Email me if you want someone to bounce some ideas from.