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Hi Belinda
When most people think about a new business start up it is usually to do with such issues as an appropriate trading entity (e.g. partnership, company, trust) ABN, GST registration and business name registration. In the case of a play centre business with a cafe, you may need a centre based child care licence, depending where you are, and you also will need a licence to prepare and sell food as well as comply with the local authority food safety regulations.

Before you spend money on of all that licensing and regulatory stuff, do some serious research for your play centre and prepare a business plan. Find out what is required and the costs involved in doing what you want to do. Importantly, find out if the demand actually exists in your area. A good start is the number of families with kids under 6. Think about what would make your centre different because there are quite a few around. This will mean some legwork for you and your friend but at the end of the process you should have a pretty good idea of what you are in for, both operationally and financially. The last thing you want are big surprises after you get started.

Let us know how you go.

Best wishes

Gary Weigh, Brisbane-based
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