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Thanks for your advice Gary. Yes there are a lot of initial steps to take before we can even get this happening, but we are both extremely enthusiastic & passionate about doing this. It is just a bit daunting but at the same time exciting to be taking this on as we both have always been employees of large companies & never been in the position of being our own bosses before which hopefully will be an extremely rewarding experience for us both. The area we have in mind has a large population of young families & the closest compeditor play centre is approx 15km away. I am not sure if we would require a qualified childcare worker on the premises if our play centre specifies children to be supervised by their parent/s or guardian at all times as it won’t be a child minding centre. I am confident that this idea of ours can be quite viable. I am guessing speaking to a business consultant in regards to all we need to know is our best bet. Just wanted to test the waters on here first. Thanks again & I will keep you posted on how we go.
Regards Belinda