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KarenC, post: 24067 wrote:
Sounds like a fun idea – don’t forget all staff will have to have police checks under the new laws for working with children. Find out about all the licensing, liability and occupational health and safety issues and requirements involved. Plus your local council would also have it’s own rules and requirements in addition.

Lots of research, but all the best.

Thanks Karen
Geez I never even thought about police checks but yes that does make sense & is actually a great law to have. I know OH&S is going to be a big issue as well as compiling Material Safety Data Sheets for cleaning products etc that we will be using. Health & safety is a priority for us. With us both being mothers of small children ourselves we always go back to the places where we feel are the cleanest & safest for our little ones to play at so hopefully with that in mind parents will want to bring their kids to play at ours.