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hi Kev , sorry no you are right , i didnt wan to mention it as was cautious it being regarded a spam post instead of what it was :)

As per football-hooligans which i am no where near completion and is a lil on the bck burner atm, its intended use is multipurpose. Essentially plan it to be an online hub of football news relying on rss feeds and updates, with news pages from broken down sections of the globe. as well as live footage/streams if available. As well as a archive of hooligan related articles and info. Mainly I have another project in the future which this site will serve a greater purpose and be more vital to

http://themafiawarz.eu is the game ive been running. – is a browser based web game and has been in operation over 2 years now.

As to its profitability to time ratio i would have to say presently not verry , though with consideration that this is a live beta test of a code and that we intend on when finished developing it further into other genres the potential is great.

We have at two different stages encountered legal road blocks that has seen the site pulled from circulation for months at a time and which effectively closed our service and forcing us to start again.

So presently have aprox 200players and slowly building up again. The genre we are in already is saturated and competition is not hard to find though with the income from other games its obvious to see the potential available to other genres.

Thanks for the interest and hope that this 2nd post clears some of those questions you had up :)