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Leisa D
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Hi Jocelyn, first of all I admire your enthusiasm, but as a mother/aunty/self employed woman I’d like to give you some “old fashioned advice” – get a part time job in the industry FIRST to get experience, while you work on developing your business on the side. Ideally, find a “niche” that is not well serviced, ie. offer something a smaller number of people want, which is harder to get. (It’s better to sell a lot to a few people, than enter a highly competive area, going up against companies with huge marketing budgets). I had 12 years industry experience before going solo, and I’m still learning – self employment is certainly not the easy road, and you may find that “doing what you love” is only eg. 20% of your time/effort, the rest is boring – but necessary – business bits (bookkeeping, marketing, etc.) As a seasoned old-ish career woman I’m happy to keep in touch when you need some advice. (BTW I’m a graphic designer specialising in print, a VERY competitive industry – as are fashion and interior design so I can relate).