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Hi Jocelyn

Hi Selene,
Thanks for your response!!
I am currently in that exact stage! I have Ideas…However , getting them off the ground is another thing! I only have the ideas but No idea as to whether my ideas would be successful…etc…
Are you or have you been a business owner yourself?

Your Reply had great advice, thanks Again! I appreciate it.

Yes I am a current business owner of Blondes Can Count, a Bookkeeping services business and have been running for about 5 years.

Oh boy, I always have huge ideas running through my head and have filled a notebook with these ideas. Often I find I will write down an idea and think OMG this is just the best thing going without breaking down the steps. Then I will break the idea up into pieces and work out the ins and outs of getting it going as well and the potential in the marketplace.
I also find that once you have the idea formulated it can often be a matter of timing, both within your personal life and all the goings on and within the marketplace.

I guess when trying to work out whether the idea will turn into a successful business is by asking yourself
1. If it is a service – is there a need
2. If it is a product – is there a want/desire.

Also if the idea already exists in the market what is your Unique Selling point – what will make people buy from you as opposed to your competitors.

Anyway food for thought – keep that enthusiasm flowing.

Kind Regards