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Selene, post: 24089 wrote:
Hi Jocelyn

Yes I am a current business owner of Blondes Can Count, a Bookkeeping services business and have been running for about 5 years.

Oh boy, I always have huge ideas running through my head and have filled a notebook with these ideas. Often I find I will write down an idea and think OMG this is just the best thing going without breaking down the steps. Then I will break the idea up into pieces and work out the ins and outs of getting it going as well and the potential in the marketplace.
I also find that once you have the idea formulated it can often be a matter of timing, both within your personal life and all the goings on and within the marketplace.

I guess when trying to work out whether the idea will turn into a successful business is by asking yourself
1. If it is a service – is there a need
2. If it is a product – is there a want/desire.

Also if the idea already exists in the market what is your Unique Selling point – what will make people buy from you as opposed to your competitors.

Anyway food for thought – keep that enthusiasm flowing.

Kind Regards

Thanks Selene, Thats great advice once again. Congratulations on your success over these past years.
What you have written to me about is exactly what I am going through now! I am trying so hard to formulate Ideas/goals/plans…etc, towards my dream of being a Business owner.
I wish I could find the same kind of success as you have and I will for sure work towards it.

I appreciate hearing from you again.

Kind Regards,