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Ideas Book, post: 24111 wrote:
Hi Jocelyn
You sound like you have loads of enthusiasm for this which is fantastic. One of the most important things in self employment is to believe in yourself and yoru product / business – getting a business up and running takes a huge amount of time and effort but if you really believe in what you are doing it gets you through those down times.
It sounds like it is not ideas that is the issue but how to get them up and running? First thing – as others have suggested, write down all your ideas and add to each one what you would need to buy / invest in to get it up and running, whether you would need staff, products, equipment, premises, machinery etc., who your target market would be and ideas for how to reach them, who your competitors would be and how you would better them, what are your strengths and weaknesses, put together a budget and cashflow forecast to see what you would need to sell to break even and how much you would need to invest. Will you need a website? Where can you network online and offline – are there any networking organisations near you? Mixing with others in business will really help to inspire you. Put together a business plan for each idea based on the above answers. Think about how much time you are able and willing to put into the business. What are your goals that you want to achieve with it?
Hope that helps a bit.

Hi Sophie!
First of all, thankyou for your great response! I appreciate it!
You’re absolutely right when you mentioned That it’s not the ideas I have an issue with, but how to get them up and running! I have already thought about my Ideas, but I am yet to work out the nitty gritty of it all! I have already made the goal to work on my plans each and every day. But Once I’m done, where do I go from there!!! I may find that out when I am done planning, but as of now, I am still kind of “stuck”.
I am very enthusiastic and unwilling to give up on my dream, no matter the challenges or upheavals I may face!
Your Advice was great and I shall take it all on board when planning!

Are you a business owner yourself? I’d love to hear about your situation, both past and present!

Thankyou Again!

Kind Regards,