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Chris Bates, post: 24163 wrote:
Hey Jocelyn,

If you’re after more information about the actual “how to” of starting a business, Karen a local FS resident has a website that might be helpfull – http://www.you-can-start-business.com/

I’m a bit like you, I hated working for other people. Never motivated to work hard for someone else’s success, in the hope that one day they might chuck me a bone. Bugger that for a joke.

It was hard for me to take the leap, with a mortgage and my wife having just recovered from a back injury and being made redundant at the same time. But we made the leap anyway, she started doing what she wanted to do (child care), and I started doing what I wanted to do (entrepreneur). If it doesn’t work out, then we end up back in office jobs, big whoop.

In the words of the wise Timothy Ferriss, identify what’s holding you back. What’s the absolute worse that’s going to happen if you went out on your own and it went flop. Have a small debt? End up back in a 9-5 office job? Lose an investment? Big whoop! Identify it, and you’ll find it’s not really anything to be scared of.

Out of all your ideas, put them in order of what you’d love to do the most. Then do some research and eliminate the ones that aren’t feasible (is there a market for it?). Pick one, plan it, go for it!

Good luck! :)


Hi Chris!
Thankyou very much for your response! I will check out that website for sure, Right after I’ve written back to you!!!
Yes, that is my main predicament, getting my Ideas off the ground and actually started!!!
Thanks for telling me your story, How are you going today with your business? What kind of business do you own?
Yes I have thought about those things you’ve mentioned, I am always constantly thinking “what if” but I know im still young at 22, and If things don’t work out, well at least I can say I had a go and took a chance, That’s all that matters to me since we only live once!!! So I’d rather think “why not”.
I’d rather have a go and take a chance at having my own success than hoping to be thrown a bone, as you’ve put it!

Thanks for your great Advice Chris! I do intend to go for it!!!

Kind Regards,