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Hi Jocelyn
There have been a few people tell you to get your ideas down on paper, draw up business plans, check into the viability of your idea, etc.
While these are all worthwhile exercises to do, don’t let the practicalities overrun your natural instinct.
You may find when you think it through, that you could make more money doing idea (a) than you could with idea (b) BUT if you love idea (b) more, go with it.
There’s nothing more alluring to a potential customer than someone that loves what they do. It shows through in your personality, deeds, work ethic and life.
Decide on your passion first. There’s no point in working a business that you eventually will come to despise. Make sure that you love what you are doing.
(I’ve just started my business, after many years of lamenting that I wanted to be self employed. I am so happy to have chosen the path I have, and that I have taken the time to be sure I will be happy, contented & satisfied with my choice of business.)