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Jocelyn, post: 24250 wrote:
I couldn’t bear waking up in the morning going to a job, be it my own business or an employer, knowing I will dread the day ahead.
Hi Jocelyn,

It would be lovely to have a business where you never have those days – but the reality is (particularly when you’re starting out and the business IS only you) that these days will happen… The days when all the record keeping that you’ve been putting aside to do the stuff you love HAS to be caught up on – or the days when you have to chase outstanding payments – or you have to cold call some customers (though hopefully those will be rare, depending on your business) – or you have to see the accountant/lawyer/bank manager…

So keep the enthusiasm – run with the business – but accept the reality that not every day will be perfect. (Yes, this is the voice of current experience – we are a two person business, so we do EVERYTHING between us – even the dull, boring, administrative stuff – and will continue to do so until we can afford to pay someone else to do it).